Well the highlight of my week was getting to see the Foo Fighters for the first time in concert. It was a nice surprise too since I found out I was going the day of when my Father-in-law surprised me with an extra ticket!

Work update

One of the major things I finished up this week was the Load Tester that I have been working on so we can test the performance of our new aws infastructure. It was pretty much done last week, but it was mostly just a bunch of random scripts that I hacked together just so I could get it all to work initiallly. So this week I cleaned it all up so that it had some structure and documented how it all worked and shared it with the rest of the team.

Side project Updates

I didn’t get a whole lot done on SkillSift this week. I guess some weeks are just better than others.


One of the podcast episodes that I listened to this week was Under The Radar - 108: Punch-List Mode. A great episode about finishing that remaining 10% of things on a project that seem to take another 90% of the time. It was kind of perfect timing for this episode as I was trying to polish up the Load Tester I was working on and getting it ready to “ship”.