This past week, I’m not really sure why but I felt like it was just a hard week. I’m allowed to have one of those right?

Work update

I really don’t wont all my work updates to be just about the specific things I did this past week especially because I can’t always talk about everything I do, but even though I had a really tough week I felt really good at the end of the week when I was able to finally focus and actually get things done and feel productive. I think one take away is to be sure to include your spouse (or friends, family, coworker, etc) in the things that you are working on at work and let them know if you are stressed out or are just stuck on a problem. I think it is really hard for me to open up about things I’m going through and I just keep them bottled up inside which really isn’t a very healthy or productive thing to do.

SkillSift Update

For SkillSift I was able to add a few missing tests around the job listings page and came up with a basic plan on how the app will work for logged in users compared to non-logged in users. It feels good to finally be passed the authentication part of the app so that I can actualy work on the actual app part.

Personal projects Update

I don’t really have anything to report on here this week. I’m still not fully committed to getting my aws certification, but It’s still lingering in the back of my mind that it is something I should get, so hopefully I can figure out a plan to work towards that. I just feel like aws isn’t going away anytime soon and if anything I’m going to be working more and more with aws (and azure) as time goes on so I really should keep learning about them.


One podcast that I enjoyed this week was Hanselminutes “Moving Across Technology Stacks with Kamilah Taylor”. I think one of the reasons why I liked this episode is because it reminded me of when I was learning objective-c many years ago and wrote couple of iOS apps.

Discourse Forums

One Discourse forum that I would like to highlight this week is the Watercooler by the folks at Basecamp. I personally am not a member of it, but I think any business owner, founder, or manager would find it very useful. The $20/month fee really isn’t that much for the value you will get out of it. Even though I’m neck deep in studying engineering topics like terrafrom and cloud infastructure I do have a passion for topics like “Hiring and Recuitment” and “Remote Companies” so maybe I will join to check it out, I’m not sure if they will let me join though since I’m “just” a software developer.