We took a road trip this weekend and it was nice to see all the #snow up in the mountains

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This week I’m trying out a new schedule for myself or more like actually having a schedule. It’s pretty simple and is the reason why this week is titled “Big Rocks”. My schedule basically is that I wake up early and work until I get my 8 hours in. Once I get my 8 hours in then I can run errands or work on other things. Otherwise without really meaning to I feel like there is always something that comes up and it keeps me from having long periods of focused work time. In terms of focus this worked great and I got a lot of Discourse work done, but I may need to tweek my schedule a bit because I wasn’t able to make it out to the gym. I feel like I’ve put off going to gym a lot in my life and I need to really make it a priority and make sure I go because it really will make me more productive and healthier so that I can not only get more done at work but I’ll also live a healther happier life. Even though this is something I struggle with sometimes I need to realize that it isn’t wrong to take an hour break and go workout, especially because you can also get back and finish up what you were working on.

Work update

This week was a really difficult week but at the same time was really rewarding and I’m actually really proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish.

I would say it was a difficult week because I was working on something very new to me and I really didn’t find a lot of up to date information that could really even help me out, so I was mostly slogging away and trying to figure out solutions to error message after error message.

This week I was also really good at focusing on the task at hand, more than I have in the past and I think that is why I feel really proud for what I was able to accomplish. I put off twitter and other distractions that I tend to gravitate to when my brain is faced with something difficult and instead I simply wrote down the problem I was currenlty facing and jotted down some notes on how I could solve it. The act of writing down my problem helped me create the focus that I needed to push through until I eventually found a solution.

Also I want to mention that it is okay to ask for help. Sometimes there is only so much you can do on your own and if you have put in the work and things need to get done it is okay to reach out to a coworker and work as a team to accomplish something together.

SkillSift Update

Progress on SkillSift was actually pretty slow this week because I was so busy with work but I did manage to squuze in a little bit each night just so that I wouldn’t lose momemtum. I did go out of town this weekend and even though I brought my laptop and planned to make a little bit of progress on SkillSift I ended up not working on it at all. Even though I was super tired each night, I think I could have opened up my laptop even for 5 minutes and made some progress. Next time! SkillSift really is important to me and it is something I’ve been wanting to exist for years now, but I know if that I can just keep making progress every single day it will exist and will continue to improve.

With the little bit of time that I did work on SkillSift I continued to work on the sign up form.

Personal project updates

I don’t think I worked on TinyTodo at all this week other then finding a bug that isn’t letting me log in from another device. I wonder if it is some cookie issue. I decided to not spend time working on it though so that I could focus on work and so that I could keep working on SkillSift since it is a higher priority to work on a SkillSift task first before I can work on a TinyTodo task.

I’m still not sure what my plans are for TinyTodo other than as a realy world app playground that I can use to improve and practice my programming craft.

Ohh wow because I didn’t go to the gym at all last week I didn’t watch any acloud.guru vidows to study up on aws. So no real progreamm on the aws front. I’m also still not sure if I really want to get my aws cert or not.


I actually listend to quite a few podcasts this week, but I think I’ll just share a couple of episodes that I really liked from Seeking Wisdom.

Discourse Forums

Every now and then I would like to try and highlight some Discourse forums. Here are a couple of Discourse Forums that I ended up using this past week: