My main computer right now is a Linux based desktop computer, but my laptop is a 13” MacBook Pro running the latest version of OS X. Because I use my desktop the most I feel like whenever I do need to be portable and grab my laptop, it is always out of sync with my desktop. Then rather than being productive and getting done what I need to get done I spend my time configuring my laptop.

I’ve been trying to be really good with my current desktop and configure everything via puppet, my goal is that I can also puppettize my OS X based laptop, so I set out to do just that today. I didn’t realize that full support for Puppet and external modules really is only on Linux distros, but they do have an official OS X installer, so this is looking promising.

To install Puppet on OS X visit the offical Installing Puppet agent: MacOS page. And on step #2 click the package link that takes you to this download page. Actully just visit this /mac/puppet/10.13/x86_64 page and download puppet-agent-latest.dmg.

This will download the puppet agent installer. Click on it and follow the install instructions. I’m actually running a masterless puppet install so I don’t actually need the puppet agent running. Once puppet is installing you can then turn off the puppet agent with this command:

sudo puppet resource service pxp-agent ensure=stopped enable=false

You can also verify that puppet is installed by running:

puppet --version

Now you can browse to /etc/puppetlabs and edit your puppet config.