In my previous post we installed a single package, but if you are installing lots of packages that don’t need any customization it would probably be better to wrap them all in a single module. This post will show you how to do just that.

There are several ubuntu packages that we would like installed as part of our base system and none of them really need any special configuration once they are installed so let’s group them all into one module.

Inside of your modules folder create a folder called base-apps and create a file called init.pp:

mkdir -p modules/base-apps/manifests
touch modules/base-apps/manifests/init.pp

Now edit init.pp with the following code. First we are going to create a class and call it base-apps. Then we are going to create a single array containing all the packages we would like to install. Then we can reference the entire array and ensure all those packages are installed.

class base-apps {

  $base_apps = [

  package { $base_apps:
    ensure => installed,


Now open up your manifests/site.pp file and add

include base-apps

to the default node.

Then save, commit, and push your changes. The next time the cron job runs on your server it will pull down the changes and install all those packages.